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Students in nursing and equine courses are welcome to complete their practice placement or extramural studies with us. Please email including the below to apply


  1. Curriculum vitae (CV) / Resume

  2. Name of educational institution

  3. Year of study

  4. Length of placement

  5. Level of experience with horses

We encourage interested students to spend a minimum of two weeks with us.

During your placement you will be expected to get involved in all aspects of the practice, and will have the opportunity to take part in the following depending on the time of year;


  • Ambulatory equine medicine

  • Racing yard work

  • Stud medicine

  • Equine orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery

  • Lameness exams

  • Equine inpatient intensive care

  • Foal neonatal medicine

  • Reproduction work


We are committed to providing a positive training experience to our placement students and have had good feedback from those who have visited to date. This is provided in the understanding that no procedures will be performed by visiting students without express permission and supervision from a senior veterinarian, and that client and case confidentiality be maintained at all times. We endeavour to have a maximum of four students at any one time.

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