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Sycamore Lodge vets provide a comprehensive service to our stud clients from conception through to sale of produce.

We routinely examine and treat animals on stud. However, more involved investigation or treatment can be performed at our hospital.

The services we provide to our stud clients include:

  • Routine gynaecological examinations pre/post cover

  • Collection of pre covering swabs/bloods

  • Foetal sex scanning (62-70 days post cover)

  • Monitoring of the high risk pregnancy

  • Foaling

  • Neonatal care

  • Foal markings and insurance certificates

  • Foal conformation assessment & collaboration

      with stud farrier

  • Access to equine theriogenology consultant

  • Pre sales examinations including digital radiographs

      & videoendoscopy performed at the stud

  • Investigation and treatment of the problem breeder

      (this can include hysteroscopy, endometrial biopsy,
      (laparoscopic & perineal surgeries as appropriate)

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