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Sycamore Lodge offers highly experienced care to horses in training, having looking after many yards on The Curragh and surrounding areas.

We have a long association with The Curragh Racecourse, having provided race day veterinary care for over 30 years.

On a day to day basis we provide routine care such as vaccination, dentistry, castration, naming and insurance examinations.


We also provide service more specific services to the racehorse including:

  • Routine endoscopy

  • Lung washes to check for lower airway


  • Lameness investigation

  • Poor performance investigation including exercise

      endoscopy and ecg

  • Mobile x-ray and ultrasonography

  • Pre- purchase examinations

  • Bone Scan/Scintigraphy

We offer a 24/7 service to our clients to attend any emergencies including colic, fractures or wounds. Our clients are re-assured in the knowledge that when calling out-of-hours they will be speaking to a veterinarian, who is the best position to deal with the call.

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